Yeah, that was all kinds of amazing fun.

We told our parents today and oh my god, I want to do it again and again and again - it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. 

First we told my parents.  We saw them in the morning at a family baby shower, and later they came by our house.  As we sat on the couch catching up, I casually said “Oh R, get that gift you got for my Mom on your San Francisco trip”.  At the top of the bag was one of her favorites, a container of See’s Candies.  Ok, nothing out of the ordinary yet.  At the bottom of the bag, however, I had placed a small “brag book” photo album with a cover that read “what happens at grandma’s stays at grandma’s!”.  As she pulled it out of the bag and read it, she went from blank faced to confused to cautiously happy…”Does this mean what I think it does…?”.  My Dad sat next to her, a happy confused. 

As my Mom read our faces and jumped up to hug us, we said “wait, Dad, open your gift!”.  And in his bag was a “Grandkids” picture frame, in which we placed ultrasound pics of both gummies and note that read “P.S…We’re having twins!!!”.  Oh my god, the tears that started to form in my Dad’s eyes….I can’t even.  They were so overwhelmed with joy, especially because they knew how long we had been trying.  One of the first things my Dad said, my favorite: “R, I’m gonna be calling you all the time now to make sure you’re taking good care of her.”  Daddy’s girl for life! 


 After my parents left, we drove the 2 miles to R’s brother’s house (his parents practically live there).  It was our nephew’s birthday last week, so we arrived with a bag of gifts.  In front of the group, he slowly tore open the first one we gave him, and a shirt that read “Only Grandchild Big Cousin!” was revealed.  Even though I kept saying “can you read yet, what does it say?”, only my SIL understood what we were trying to tell them.  His brother and parents were still trying to get him to tear off the rest of the wrapping paper.  I finally had to straight out say “read the shirt guys!”.  His brother finally got it - “wait, is this for real??” - and jumped up to hug R in that loving, aggressive way older brothers do.  R’s parents were still a little lost so we just had to tell them straight up :)

Then I did the whole “but wait, there’s more!” bit and pulled out a second gift.  ”Oh it’s an ultrasound picture!” says my SIL.  Nope, but it is a “Cousins” picture frame with a note that reads “P.S…We’re having twins!!”.  Then everyone erupted.  Multiples are a new concept in R’s family.  SIL asked “do twins run in your family?” (R’s family doesn’t know anything about us TTC).  Why yes, in fact, they do! My grandmother had triplets and my aunt had twins and my cousin had twins!  How convenient is that for a couple with an IVF success story that is still staying pretty private about the whole thing!

R’s Dad gets overly excited about things in general and this was the most excited I’ve seen him, jumping around, saying all these things about God, how he knew because my stomach looked bigger (I just had my phone and keys in the front pocket of my pullover hoodie, but okay sure Pops) - my MIL had to tell him to settle down.  (I’m kinda concerned about how I’m going to deal with his excessiveness once the babies arrive, but more on that later.)  But all of that joy comes from a pure place and as uncomfortable as it tends to make me, I was happy we could give that to them. 


This day that I’ve put off for weeks was one of the best ever.  After each announcement I kept telling R - let’s do it again!  It was really so much fun and I am so grateful and blessed we got to experience this joy, especially after months and months of heartache.  They are already so celebrated and so loved, I can’t wait for these babies to be in my arms!